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I remember scrolling down the list counting all of the jobs I had applied for that I didn’t get. When I got to number 153, I just froze. I was in total shock at the amount of rejection I had received. There was no need to count anymore. It had become ridiculous. There I was, 23 years old and fresh out of college, sitting on the same floor I slept on the night before, wondering where I went wrong. I had a master’s degree in business from Florida A&M University. I had been taught that you go to school in order to graduate and get a job. Apparently the 153 places that had rejected me didn’t get the memo. To be clear, I did briefly have a job — it just didn’t last. Thirty days after I started working at Apple Bottoms by Nelly, the company was sold. In 2003, I lost my apartment and resorted to living out of my car for the next seven months, occasionally crashing on my friend’s floor. I got by on welfare and food stamps, and I sold my clothes for gas and food money. It was miserable and all I wanted was to find work. Then one day I got a call that would change everything: It was a job offer for some freelance PR and marketing work. I was beyond grateful for the opportunity, but... Source:


Apple Bottoms by Nelly Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz for Women 01/29/18, @Tot_tor