Perfume Reviews Rogue Man by Rihanna

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Rihanna ROGUE MAN Eau de Toilette 100ml (from 5 stores)

by Rihanna (Women's Fragrances)

Prices range: $26.95 - $71.00
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Rihanna ROGUE MAN Eau de Toilette. From first contact ROGUE MAN by Rihanna intoxicates men with a choreographed clash of fragrance notes that are both macsuline and ultra-sexy. ROGUE MAN by Rihanna has top notes comprised of fresh citrus, herbs and spicy black pepper which offer a clean opening impression. The velvet floral blends, strong undertones of cedarwood, and the primal sensation of labdanum ignites the senses and linger warmly onto the skin. Woody/ musk scent, Eau de toilette. All skin types, Eau de toilette.

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Rihanna Rogue Eau De Parfum 75ml Spray

by Unknown (Women's Fragrances)

Price: $22.95
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Rihanna Rogue Perfume by Rihanna, 4.2 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

by Rihanna (Women's Fragrances)

Price: $24.29
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Rihanna ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna Eau de Parfum 125ml (from 5 stores)

by Rihanna (Women's Fragrances)

Prices range: $27.90 - $69.00
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ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna Eau de Parfum 125ml. ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna, the latest fragrance by the global superstar. A delicious floral fragrance dedicated to her female fans. ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna captures that moment when love first hits you with a wild rush that goes through your whole body. Delicious fruits tempt your senses with notes of fresh citrus and succulent peach mingling with the temptation of juicy berries. Just as facets of love take multiple twists and turns, the core of ROGUE LOVE by Rihanna is built with layers upon layers of lush rich florals. A bit uncontrollable like the...

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Rihanna Shamed Snapchat Into an Apology. Here's Why Tech Companies Will Never Have Emotional Intelligence -

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

Every time a tech company does something patently ignorant or offensive, it's rarely worth asking the question: "What were they thinking?"

Almost always, the answer is: "They weren't."

And they certainly weren't feeling.

An example is an ad released by Snapchat last week for its "Would You Rather!" game. It asked whether you'd rather "Slap Rihanna" or "Punch Chris Brown."

Really. Truly.

In 2009, Brown and Rihanna were involved in a much-publicized incident of domestic violence . Brown was charged with battery.

And this is something to "joke" about?

Please, take a look.

Oh, Snapchat finally took the ad down and offered some sort of apology.

"The advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines. We immediately removed the ad last weekend, once we became aware. We are sorry that this happened," the company said.

You might have thought that it had somehow slipped out without anyone noticing.

Yet this statement...



Rogue Man by Rihanna is excellent at masking the smell of weed btw 01/14/18, @DNZLX