Perfume Reviews Royal Oud by Creed

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Royal Oud Perfume by Creed, 4 oz Millesime Spray for Women

by Creed (Women's Fragrances)

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Men's Royal-Oud 75ml - CREED - (75ml) (from 2 stores)

by Creed Fragrances (Miscellaneous)

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CREEDRoyal-Oud 75mlDetails"Wood, leather marble and gold," elements of a royal Persian palace, inspired Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer for his Royal-Oud creation. Rare, hypnotic, sumptuous oud, an ingredient coaxed from Agarwood trees of India (and more costly per ounce than palladium) lends its power to this blend. Creed Royal-Oud gives the contemporary American man and woman a touch of the splendor of palace life, Persian and Parisian. Classification: Oriental / RichCharacteristics: Universal and modern. Luxury both Persian and Parisian#153. Top Notes: A crown of...

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Royal Oud Cologne by Creed, 4 oz Millesime Spray for Men

by Creed (Men's Fragrances)

Price: $290.70
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Royal Princess Oud Perfume by Creed, 2.5 oz Millesime Spray for Women

by Creed (Women's Fragrances)

Price: $236.69
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Oud Fragrances: An Expert Guide - FashionBeans

It’s been prized for centuries for its rich, smoky resinous and slightly animalic aroma, but in the last few years oud has dominated the fragrance world as an ingredient.

Extracted from a resin formed as a reaction to mould (how’s that for an unglamorous backstory?) it’s one of the rarest and most expensive components used in perfumery, often described as ‘liquid gold’.

Especially popular in the Middle East, where it’s used to scent rooms and clothes, oud has crossed over into the mainstream, with everyone from Tom Ford to Commes des Garçons turning out heady scents that pull on its signature opulence.

Not all luxury fragrances are created equal, however. Much of what is used in mass-market scents is synthetic, while the real deal can vary greatly in quality, too.

To help you recognise your oud from your ‘oud wanna smell like that?’, here’s a definitive primer on the biggest trend in eau de toilettes.

What Is Oud?

As with anything popular in the land of oil, oud fragrances often come with a hefty price tag. But the expense is often justified by the lengthy process it takes to produce the ingredient.

“The oil itself is...



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