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UR by Usher Raymond for Men

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Usher Ur Cologne by Usher, 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

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Chelsea Handler's most inflammatory tweets and controversial moments - Fox News

Handler tweeted on Feb. 20, "I hope Oprah shows up at White House the day Donald is impeached and reads him and his administration their jail sentences…. “You get 25 years in jail, and you get 25 years in jail, and you get 25 years in jail… everyone gets 25 years in jail!"

Chelsea slams Trump after deadly shooting

Following a deadly shooting at Florida high school, Handler was quick to politicize the tragedy with a tweet about President Trump, calling him "mentally disturbed."

After Trump tweeted that there were "so many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed," Handler replied, "We will always have mentally disturbed people, especially now that one sits in the Oval Office. Better not to have guns for them to use, since you are also cutting funds for the mentally disabled. Do something decent while you are in office. Anything."

She also took to Twitter to capitalize on the tragic incident and blamed Republicans, saying that they now “have blood on their hands.”

Handler posted a tweet about midterm elections , urging voters “to elect candidates that are not funded by the NRA” and “who won’t allow kids to go to school...



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