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Turtle Bay, Manhattan: The Convenience of Midtown, at a Relatively Affordable Price - New York Times

Margaret Nash is a forensic engineer at a company that specializes in architectural restoration. “If there’s something wrong with a building, I’ll find it,” she said. Two years ago, her sense of discernment led her to the east Midtown neighborhood of Turtle Bay, where she and her boyfriend paid just under $400,000 for a studio in a 1930s co-op building on Second Avenue and East 50th Street.

Without exactly boasting, Ms. Nash, 27, painted a dreamlike picture of her home. It has high, coffered ceilings and a sweeping view of the East River. The sunlight “just pours in, in the morning — it wakes me up,” she said. The 13-story building’s lobby is “old-school Art Deco” with a terra-cotta floor and stained-glass doors. An actual person runs the elevator.

“We honestly fell in love with how clean everything was, not just in the building but in the neighborhood,” Ms. Nash, who had previously lived on the Upper East Side, went on. “You couldn’t see a speck of gum glued to the sidewalk.”

Now she has a choice of three subway lines to her job in Chelsea. “You could throw a stone on Second Avenue and hit five different restaurants,” she said. “Everything you want is...